Manda Rizal
Raisa dan Hamish,
Together with their families,
Amanda Nurul Hasanah
(Manda) & (Rizal)
Mochammad Rizal
Invite you to celebrate our marriage
Apr, 16 2018
At 11 am till 2 pm
Jalan Belitung 1A Bandung

Susunan Acara

8 am
Akad Nikah di baiturrahman
11 am
Prosesi Intat Linto dan Makan-makan keluarga
12 pm
Resepsi terbuka untuk tamu undangan
4 am
Makan dan santunan anak Yatim


It would mean the world if we can be together in this special moment. Would we have the honor to have you in our reception?

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THANK YOU very much. It’s an honour and happiness to have you in our wedding day.

May you be blessed with all the joyfulness in the world and we wish you are coming home with smile after this celebration of special family & friends time, and memory of a night full of stars and love.